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Paul Raskin
Paul Raskin
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Will LaCroix   musical


​It's the 1930's. Abandoned and broke, a gifted 12-year-old Will LaCroix convinces his less-than-perfect mother, May, to make their way to Chicago where he knows he can win a lucrative talent contest. But here, winning has a steep cost. His extraordinary talent, youth and propensity will be exploited in a way that sets them on a journey of secrets, lies and betrayal.


May signs a long-term contract, which she believes will lead them to Hollywood and the dream. She closes her eyes to what is happening around her as her son grows into a young man.


Arriving In Hollywood, Will uncovers the dark secret that brought him there. He must free himself from the lies that will destroy him. Yet, searching for the truth, he will only find more secrets. Can he live a lie? Must he give up everything for fame? 

Ostensibly a coming-of-age story, Will LaCroix reflects American culture; the ideals and morals that were defined by the greatest influencer of its time – Hollywood. What does the American Dream cost - and who is allowed that dream?

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"Paul has written a compelling story of love and healing set in old Hollywood with soaring, memorable melodies, complex characters and scenes, and delicious action with twists and turns –a narrative for our time that we have not seen before.  He is a bit of a renaissance man who draws on his depth of experience in the entertainment business,  his life, as well as his wonderful imagination. "


-Jennifer Piech Pasbjerg,

Producer for Theatre and Film

Notably: Come From Away (Broadway, Toronto, National Tour, London, Australia).  Awards & Nominations: Tony Nomination, Outer Critics Circle Award, Drama Desk Award, Olivier Award.

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